f Mural, francois olivier, hand painted mural


The artist, 



Australian since 1985, I was born in Normandy in 1956.

Visual artist for more than forty years, I worked as book illustrator (Courte-Queue/ Cliptail by Gabrielle Roy - Roch Carrier), set designer, book designer, Art Director and Creative Director in my twenties so that I could fulfill the pursuit of painting.

I established Mural in Sydney in 1985. Murals are an art form that I aim for; I work on large scale perspectives and that is a challenge. My paintings are I, the painter, and my passion for light & hues in landscapes, outback & urban, day or nightlight. Spatial visual painter, I assimilate old and new techniques. I work with classical tools: drawing, watercolors on paper and painting on canvas with acrylics, yet I also embrace 3D computer design to expand my skills in creating with multimedia. Murals demand perspectives fitting the context to be successful.

Perspectives go beyond the physical reality of a wall transporting one's eyes into space. MURAL has created and produced murals for corporate, commercial, social and private use, for interior and outside walls, including building façade and courtyard. I collaborate on concepts with architects, designers or sometimes other muralists. I organize and work with teams and painters for each project requiring specific skills.



Major Public work:

1988 Laperouse Museum in Sydney for the Bicentennial of Australia

1992  Lobby and lifts of Dymocks building on George Street, Sydney

1994 Facade of the building of the Alliance Française of Sydney on Clarence Street

2001 Five level light wells of the Salvation Army Women's shelter in Surry Hills, NSW up to

2011 many walls for private and commercial commissions

2012 Painter in the team of Peter Day's "What Bird is that" in Surry Hills

2012 Maxim, VIP club in Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam

2013 Limited edition of 3 series for the resort, Paradise  Cove, Mauritius island

2014, 2015, 216 still working painting on new projects